Hourly: £ 35

Subjects: Biology, Chemistry, Maths, Physics

Levels: GCSE, Primary, Secondary

EDUCATION PhD. – DNA computing Master of Science – Biology Bachelor of Science Teaching experience I am a science graduate with Ph.D., Masters and undergraduate degrees in science (major Biology). I have been teaching Mathematics and English at KS2 and KS3 level (age 10-16) for more than three years and have experience in preparing students SATS with exam-type questions practise. I also tutor online and in-person for KS3 and GCSE level students for sciences for all exam boards including AQA, EDEXCEL and OCR. I prepare the students with exam-style questions practising with past papers. Levels and Subjects 3.5 years Science (Biology, chemistry and physics)- GCSE Level English and Maths at KS2, KS3 levels.   Personal Statement I am a teacher with a PhD in Biology. I tutor at all levels according to the UK National curriculum. Responsibilities I have undertaken as a teacher: Test administration, grading homework and reviewing exams, grading assignments, and maintaining student records. Have developed high-quality provisions with thorough planning and assessment procedures. The purpose of teaching should be to make students aware of why the subject is important and why we are doing this. My idea about teaching is to help students by answering their curiosity and encouraging them to find the right interest by providing positive learning experiences as well as building and maintaining innovative thinking. I have regular updates on the topics I cover and prefer to teach according to student’s comfort level. I believe in preparing the students for result-driven performance with a focus on practising writing styles. I believe in two way communication between teacher and student. I want to develop their analytical skills in the subject, including the ability to think out of the box and express one’s self logically and the capability to learn outside the traditional classroom setting. Cultivating innovative ideas and enthusiasm for science is an important element of establishing scientifically literate students with a lifelong interest in science. I prefer to teach interdisciplinary subjects that cross-link problems and solutions in respective areas.  

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